HELLENiQ ENERGY is one of the leading energy groups in Southeast Europe, with activities that span the entire energy value chain. As a regional leader, the Group is not only committed to providing energy, but also is committed in achieving a net-zero future. In this direction the Group is diversifying its portfolio, and through the adoption of an integrated business model, embraces innovation and transformation across its entire value chain, in order to become sustainable.

As HELLENiQ ENERGY envisages a sustainable future for all, implements its strategic commitments to substantially improve its environmental footprint, aiming to address the adverse impacts of climate change. During the past years, the Group has participated together with leading national and European Research Institutes, Universities, Innovation Organizations and specialized private sector entities in the preparation, submission and implementation of research, innovation projects that are aligned with the Group’s environmental and sustainable development strategic priorities. These include inter alias projects such as (indicatively list): CIRCFORBIO (GA LIFE 15 CCM/GR/001180) ; BIOMASS C+ (CA LIFE 16 CCM/GR/00044); HyCon (GA No. 815301); BIOFIT (GA No. 817999); ZEOCAT-3D (GA No 814548).

ECOLEFINS is one project that demonstrates tangibly HELLENiQ’s commitment to reduce its carbon footprint and thus contribute to the sustainable protection and preservation of the environment.

Spyros Kiartzis

Spyros Kiartzis

Electrical Engineer

Spyros Kiartzis, PhD, received his Diploma in Electrical Engineering and his PhD in Power Systems Analysis from the School of Engineering; and his degree on Economics from the School of Law and Economics; all from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and his MBA from the Hellenic Open University. Upon graduation, he joined the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki as a researcher and later as an instructor. Currently, he gives lectures in the International Hellenic University. His research interests are in industrial power systems, in renewable energy, in energy economics and in energy sector deregulation policy. He joined the “Hellenic Petroleum S.A.” in 2001 where he held a range of posts in maintenance and project construction sections (including the Project Management Team for the construction of a 390 MW CCPP), before becoming Director of Alternative Energy Sources and New Technologies. He is member of the Board of Directors of the “Hellenic Petroleum Renewable Energy Sources S.A.” (subsidiary of Hellenic Petroleum Group) and has served as member of the Board of Directors of “EKO Bulgaria S.A.” (subsidiary of Hellenic Petroleum Group). Since 2013 Vice Chairman and CEO of Energiaki Pylou – Methonis S.A. wind park. He also serves as member of the Board or Consultant in the technical and financial sector.

Evanthia Nanaki

Mechanical Engineer

Evanthia Nanaki, PhD, holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Western Macedonia – Greece (2012) and she is specialized in the field of sustainable transportation systems, alternative energy sources and innovative technologies. Since 2007, she has joined HELLENiQ ENERGY as Project Management Office Coordinator; while at the same time she was collaborating with Academia in managing various EU projects. Currently, she works at Helleniq Energy as a New Technologies & Innovation Analyst and is a visiting Lecturer of Aarhus University (Dept. of Business Development and Technology), Denmark. She is responsible for the management of approximately 20 research programs, supported by National and European funds, focused on alternative energy sources, biofuels, hydrogen and energy efficiency projects. Responsible of the market analysis and feasibility studies, following competitive business trends and conducting cost benefit analysis for the Group’s new activities. She has published 2 books in the field of electromobility and exergy analysis of renewable energy systems (“Electric Vehicles for Smart Cities Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities” – Elsevier & “Exergetic Aspects of Renewable Energy Systems” – Taylor & Francis) as well as more than 80 scientific papers in International peer- reviewed Journals and Conferences.

Evanthia Nanaki

Stamatis Souentie

Chemical Engineer

Stamatis Souentie, PhD, received his Diploma in Chemical Engineering in 2005 at the University of Patras in Patras, Greece, and his PhD in the field of Electrochemical Engineering (2009) from the same Institution. After 4 years’ experience in basic & applied research in academia, in 2012 he joined the Research & Development Center of Saudi Aramco in Saudi Arabia for 4 years as a Scientific Researcher. In 2017, he joined Monolithos Catalysts in Athens, Greece, a novel automotive catalysts manufacturer, as a Chief Technology Officer. Since 2019, Stamatios has joined Helleniq Energy, initially as an Operations Engineer and then, as a Process Engineer in Elefsina Refinery, where he remains until now. Since 2005, Stamatios has contributed significantly in numerous (>30) basic research and demonstration projects related to: CO2 capture and catalytic/electrocatalytic conversion of gaseous CO2 into valuable products, process design of electrochemical treatment of toxic emissions, fuel cells, electrolyzers and flow battery systems. Moreover, since 2021 he has actively participated in the technology selection, implementation and commissioning of a water electrolysis unit for the production of green hydrogen in Elefsina refinery.
Stamatios has co-authored 35 scientific articles in international peer-reviewed journals, 1 Chapter in the encyclopedia of Applied Electrochemistry and 1 book in the field of high energy particle Physics. Moreover, he has got 12 patents granted in the USPO & EPO, part of them related to CO2 utilization harnessing renewable energy.